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The Aemilianum Knights 2009 with Fr. Romeo 'Bobby' Sabayton, CRS and their coach Mr. Aldin Ayo and his wife Joy.

There are so many requests from students that I have received asking me to feature the Aemilianum Knights or our school's College Varsity Players for Basketball. I was not able to do it earlier because of the death of the late President Cory Aquino, THE MOTHER OF PHILIPPINE DEMOCRACY - a National Hero and a saintly lady. The entire nation was in 10 day mourning and I was personally grieving the loss of this Democracy Icon.

Julius Bustria

After the honors and the 9 hour funeral procession and the eulogies proper for a 'saint' all showered upon the late president I decided to finally present our next batch of Basketball players on whose shoulders stand the school banner for the most coveted crown in Sorsogon Sports Competitions.

Peter Joseph Avanceña

The boys already went into actions for a series of friendship games with Ateneo de Naga University and the Aquinas University team and so far they have performed according to expectations. They won some and loose some which is a great opportunity for our coaching staff to sharpen their skillls and to correct their weaknesses. The team has a lot of room for improvements.

Gilbert Jeniebre
Next time I will report about their back to back friendship games encounter with the Ateneo de Naga University. However, the team is now busy for the on-going BICCS 2009 [Basketball Inter-Collegiate Chapionship of Sorsogon]. They played during the first game last week against the powerhouse Sorsogon State College, the biggest public school for College in the Province. SSC gave them a good fight but the boys stood their ground and won the game by over 2o points. They will once again play this Wednesday against The Lewis College.

There are still some who are not included in this post because they were absent during the picture taking which was done unannounced. You can see the boys still perspiring a lot because it was done right after a three hour training session supervised by Coach Aldin Ayo.

Jeffrey Fuller
More reports about the Knights! Soon!
Jose Cayetano Lorenzo Credo
Jonathan Carlo Tan
Cris Espedido
Dennis Espano
Jose Reynaldo Cayetano Credo
Bryan Felices
Allan Supat
Peter and Jose

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